Malware/Virus on Mac email client?

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    Dec 13, 2012
    A friend (Mac user) who accesses his Gmail account through Mac Email client (I do not know if via IMAP or POP3) got yesterday infected when clicking on a link in an email he received.

    After clicking this link something happened to his account:
    1. Google sent an email warning about a new access from a remote location
    2. So he changed his password
    3. Despite changing password, after some hours (this morning) all his contacts (myself included) received an email with a link to a dropbox location/file.
    The email was written in English (which is not our common native language) but had his original signature at the bottom. The sender was apparently him, but looking at the sender's address was a weird xxxx@gmail

    I did not get myself infected because I understood something was fishy.

    I am wondering why:
    1. Despite changing his password he was not able to avoid mass emailing which happened afterwards.
    2. Is not Mac OS virus/malware proof?