Malware Scans and SSD Cash Memory

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    Nov 17, 2013
    Do conventional virus and malware scanners automatically scan an mSATA SSD device that is configured as a cache, for example with the ExpressCache software? (Maybe this is not the best forum section for this question?)

    I have a relatively new Lenovo W530 that was ordered with Windows 7 SP1 and a 16 GB solid-state cache drive. This drive is enabled by a verified-working copy of the Lenovo-supplied ExpressCache (basic, not upgraded). As you probably know, the SSD should not be formatted for this purpose and does not show up as a recognized drive. Does anybody know whether malware scanners (e.g., MSE, MalwareBytes) effectively scan this kind of memory (perhaps as part of system memory), or if this is a place that malware can hide indefinitely?

    One reason I'm concerned: The last day or two my hard drive is working almost continuously (as indicated by the activity light on the front panel), even though little or no CPU usage is showing up for any process listed under Task Manager/Processes. I've completed full scans with MSE and MalwareBytes (free), but they don't find anything...

    Thanks in advance for any guidance! -- jclarkw