Malware and Imap

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    Dec 27, 2004
    I normally receive emails via POP and have them filtered through mailwasher before they get downloaded to my pc/email program. This works particularly well for these waves of phishing emails when I suddenly receive the same spam/phishing email for each of my accounts. My email program will only download on command after I washed everything via mailwasher. This works very well for me with these types of emails getting deleted on the server before they ever reach my pc.
    On a second pc I am checking a number of these accounts via IMAP and the setting in the email program is to be connected or not. So if i leave the setting to be connected all the time, emails will show up at times before they get the filter treatment. Apart from the fact that I don't want that crap cluttering up my inboxes, is there any security issue with downloaded emails via IMAP? I could change the setting to "not connected" but that's really not convenient if everytime I want to check emails, I need to manually reconfigure each account.