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Discussion in 'Acronis Disk Director Suite' started by needhelpplease, Jul 18, 2009.

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  1. needhelpplease

    needhelpplease Registered Member

    Jul 18, 2009
    Hi there,

    i got one HDD with two partitions C: and D:

    C: is where Windows are installed.
    D: contains all installed Programms.

    Now i want to make one partition (C:) from c: and d: where everythign is installed.

    Can Acronis DDS do that? Without to crash any Programm installed? I mean can i run any program after combining both partitions to one?

    Example: Firefox is installed on D: So in the registry is saved that FF is installed there. Now i finally got one partition (c:) out of c: and d: can i now start FF? Or does it say "drive d: not found" or smth. else?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. CircleGirl

    CircleGirl Registered Member

    Mar 20, 2008
    Circle Campus
    It looks like you will need to reinstall with all apps on c drive as combining both will not jibe as far as i know.

    The usual way is to have all apps and the os on the c drive and then have the os point to a separate partition as the data partition. I have not seen a partitioning solution where the apps are coherently divided onto a separate partition without problems somewhere.

    I am a novice so perhaps there is a solution among the more experienced members of this forum...?
  3. Howard Kaikow

    Howard Kaikow Registered Member

    Apr 10, 2005
    Well, if you have the stomach for it, for the most part you can change the drive letters in the registry, and within particular configuration/install/uninstall files. There would be thousands of changes to be made.

    I did this about 6 years go. I copied an OS from drive F to drive G and was lucky, only missed 1 or changes.

    One needs to use a good registry editor, e.g., Registry Workshop. It costs $29.95 but is the best of all that I have tried.

    However, it is safer to bite the bullet and just re-install apps.
    Next time I created an OS, I did it from scratch.
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