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  1. stanman8810

    stanman8810 Guest

    I was just scrolling through the database list and found a cookie entry that wasn't protected. I checked it and clicked protect all. The success box pops up but the entry - mainentrypoint - is unchecked again and is still red.
    Version 2.6.1
    Database info date 3/09/04
  2. Pieter_Arntz

    Pieter_Arntz Spyware Veteran

    Apr 27, 2002
    Hi stanman8810,

    [EDIT]Never Mind. I didn't read the question properly[/EDIT]


  3. stanman8810

    stanman8810 Guest

    Does no one know why I can not protect against this entry?? Every time I checkmark the box and click protect, it doesn't work. When I look ,the entry is unchecked and the entry is red again. o_O
  4. snapdragin

    snapdragin Registered Member

    Feb 16, 2002
    Southern Ont., Canada
    Hi stanman8810, and welcome to Wilders.

    I believe the MainEntryPoint cookie is related to CommonName (the same CLSID comes up for MainEntryPoint and CommonName)*edit. Do you know if you have Commonname on your computer?

    I have the MainEntryPoint and MainEntryPoint (2) checked in SpywareBlaster, but I do not know why it is not staying checked in your's.

    You could try adding it manually:
    Click on Tools -> Custom Blocking -> Add Item, and enter the name MainEntryPoint. Then put a check in the box beside the entry, and click the "Protect Against Checked Items".

    Then look at the database window and see if the box is checked there now and that the entry does not show up in red.

    If that doesn't work, then we'll have to wait to see Javacool's advises.


    *edit - ok, I could be wrong in the cookies relationship to CommonName....but the cookie may be associated with something you presently have on your computer. Have you cleared out your IE's temp files?
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