Macrium Reflect Update 4.2.3141

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  1. Kid Shamrock

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    Apr 3, 2007
    Date 17 January 2011
    What's new? 4.2.3141:

    • Linux CD update
    Updated isolinux boot code. This enables boot compatibility with a larger number of CD/DVD drives. The Linux update is included with this patch.
    • Windows PE rescue CD update is available.
    Please click the 'Updates' button in the Rescue CD burn wizard for more information.

    Bug fixes:
    • Extra icon on Win7 desktop
    When browsing an image an extra 'Computer' icon could be created on the Windows desktop. This has been resolved.
    • Windows PE recovery boot menu option in Windows 7
    After a recent Windows update, the 'Other Tasks' > 'Add recovery boot menu' option stopped working in Windows 7. This has been resolved.
    • Slow restore for large FAT 32 file systems
    Images containing FAT32 file systems > 100GB could be very slow to load. This has been resolved.
    • Incorrect image comment displayed for diff/inc images..
    Backup sets containing differential and incremental images/backup would display the comment text, if set, for the full image/back. This has been resolved.
    • Update to VSS.dll
    A VSS writer could fail if a file location referenced by the writer no longer exists. This error could propagate and may cause the snapshot to fail. This has been resolved.
    • Fix mount point destination issue.
    Selecting a mount point as a destination for an image file could incorrectly show the message 'the destination is included in the backup' if the mount point was located under the root of a drive. This has been resolved.
    • Update command line un-mounting to only unmount mounted drives.
    The command line switch 'reflect.exe -u' could unmount drives that were not drives used to mount Macrium images. This has been resolved.
    • Change the location of the default editor for VBScript files for Windows Server 2008 R2.
    Unlike other versions of Windows, 'notepad.exe' is not available in folder 'c:\windows' for Server 2008 R2. The default editor location has now changed to 'c:\windows\system32'.
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