LulzSec hackers 'hacked'; hacked/leaked IRC log published.

Discussion in 'other security issues & news' started by Baserk, Jun 7, 2011.

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    Apr 14, 2008
    On' Full disclosure mailing list, someone using the nick lulzfail, has published hacked/leaked logs from one of LulzSec private IRC servers. link

    Ominous chat seemed going around and the hacker/leaker claims that on of the (sub) crew members is already in FBI hands according to the '#pure-elite' channel log posting on Full Disclosure;

    "Lulzsec == pwnt

    logs taken from their "priv8" irc server
    Jun 04 17:27:26 <Topiary> everyone leave ED IRC
    Jun 04 17:27:35 <Topiary> this is serious, military hackers trying
    to hack us
    Jun 04 17:27:37 <Topiary> don't stay there
    Jun 04 17:28:17 <pwnsauce> i propose Operation:/b/ackraid"

    "BTW, one of them is already in FBI custody, and the rest are
    probably about to follow him
    (that one being Robert Cavanaugh of NY State, alias xyz, alias ev0)

    LulzSec denies it's from one of their main IRC channels, they claim it was mere side-channel used to harbour "potential backup/subcrew research and development battle fleet members" and they claim xyz/ev0 isn't even known to them.
    According to the infamous 'Hello KittySony' crew, the published logs weren't due to a hack but as they explain themselves in a tweet reaction, due to leaking member 'm_nerva'. link
Thread Status:
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