Look 'n Stop: how do you open port 5678 ?

Discussion in 'LnS English Forum' started by brjoon1021, Aug 12, 2005.

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  1. brjoon1021

    brjoon1021 Registered Member

    Aug 10, 2005
    I have a work laptop with Win XP pro SP1 and I just downloaded and installed Look 'n Stop. Seems pretty nice.

    However, I have to network this laptop with another computer that has an embedded Windows XP software in it. I have to pull data from the imbedded doohickky into the laptop. Look 'n stop does not allow me to. It does not tell
    me that it is stopping the transaction but it must be because as soon as I "quit" the firewall I can network the two together.

    My IT dept. which does not support the firewall said that I need to find out how to open port 5678.

    Can you tell me how?
  2. CrazyM

    CrazyM Firewall Expert

    Feb 9, 2002
    BC, Canada
    The "Import internet filtering rules" page on the LnS web site might help. Check under Generic rules - TCP/UDP port in server mode. You can import the rule and then modify it for your requirments.


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