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    Unless Wilders got attacked somehow, but I highly doubt that. :D

    P.S. : Sorry for such a gigantic image. Wasn't sure if it's still readable if I resize it even more.

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    Jan 4, 2009
    It has happened before. The only thing that can occur to me, besides WSF being hacked, is that someone at some thread posted some malicious code sample to show something or some link to some malicious domain (sometimes people forget to replace http with hxxp)...
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    I think it's 99.9% FP. Besides, if Wilders got compromised, then we will see an announcement ASAP. It's just that, why-oh-why do they have to choose this forum to win their "award". :rolleyes:
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    AVG has flagged things here a few times before, though we've never found any real threat related to their reports.

    Here are two times that resulted in threads being posted...


    The main problem with these reports on the AVG site is that they provide no real details. All they show is a date, the main site's URL, and the name of some threat. In the "show more" link, the only extra piece of information is the break-down of countries reporting. In this case, it looks like a single detection reported from The Netherlands. But, nothing more. Some detail about what page a threat might be on, a time range of when it was supposed to have been there, since obviously it wasn't any other time (i.e. no other reports of it), a filename or third-party linked URL, or maybe something about an iframe or Javascript related to it. If they could provide any of these things, that would provide at least some credibility to the reports.

    What doesn't make much sense is why, given the large number of people using this site world-wide, was there only a report from that one location? I tend to suspect that the person whose link scanner detected the threat was themselves infected with something, and no matter what website they accessed from then on, it probably showed as infected.
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    So in a nutshell, AVG doesn't check the credibility of the report and just saying that a threat has been detected out of the blue. I've just got another company to troll. :thumb:
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