list of supported raid-controllers?

Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by hartmut, Nov 17, 2004.

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  1. hartmut

    hartmut Guest

    it would be a very good idea to show a list with all supported (and may be tested...) raid-controllers. in your commercials it's only "...a wide range of..." that's not really helpfull in a company for a decision for a new software!

  2. Re: List of unsupported raid controllers!

    How about just posting controllers that are known not to work with ATI. That way, potential buyers will know beforehand if their RAID controller is incompatible with TrueImage. I think many people would have appreciated that info before they found out that their new imaging program didn't work with their particular RAID setup.

    I'll start....
    ATI does not support NVRAID.
  3. Kieron

    Kieron Guest

    Raid 0 on my Intel ICH5R controller works fine but running Acronis crashes the PC suddenly. Perhaps ICH5R is not supported??

    Sata HD's BTW
  4. Kieron,
    According to Andrew B., Promise Fastrack 378, Silicon Image 3112, and Intel ICH5R are fully supported by ATI 7.0.638 and 8.0.774.

    However---"Intel ICH6R and some models of Adaptec controllers - we have different issues with them. We are testing Intel ICH6R controller in RAID mode in our Testing Lab right now and there should appear a fix for Linux drivers soon."
    See the post from Acronis Support dated November 9, 2004.
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