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Discussion in 'ten-forward' started by Andreas Haak, May 4, 2005.

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  1. Andreas Haak

    Andreas Haak Guest

    Hi :)

    I just wondered if anyone here knows Lacrimosa and heard there new album Lichtgestalt. To be honest Lacrimosa is the greatest band ever :D. Only a few other bands come close to them but they seem to be unreachable :).

    So anyone wants to share his impressions of the album? :)
  2. Primrose

    Primrose Registered Member

    Sep 21, 2002

    Have not heard that full album yet.

    Mozart died listening to Lacrimosa :eek: :D :p

    But i am sure you will survive the ordeal. ;)

    Lacrimosa from Requiem

    "On the very eve of his death, [Mozart] had the score of the Requiem brought to his bed, and himself (it was two o'clock in the afternoon) sang the alto part; Schack, the family friend, sang the soprano line, as he had always previously done, Hofer, Mozart's brother-in-law, took the tenor, Gerle, later a bass singer at the Mannheim Theater, the bass. They were at the first bars of the Lacrimosa when Mozart began to weep bitterly, laid the score on one side, and eleven hours later, at one o'clock in the morning (of 5 December 1791, as is well known), departed this life."



    Als die Sonne den Tag verliess
    Den Finger am Abzug
    Die Fl_sse im Dreck
    Die Augen fest verschlossen, die Seele verkrampft
    Die Erinnerung gefressen, Die Zukunft voller Angst
    Ein Engel am Tor der H_lle
    Luzifer im Paradies
    Eine Jungfrau fl_stert meinen Namen

    In nomine patris, filii et spirituus sancti

    Lass mein Licht noch brennen
    Und gib mir deinen Namen
    Seid Still
    Und lasset mich leben
    Nur diesen Augenblick
    Nur noch einen Moment

    Dann nehmt mich mit
    Lasst mich noch beten
    Lasst mich noch einmal fliehen
    Ich komme zur_ck zu euch
    Aber niemals zum Teufel

    In nomine patris, filii et spirituus sancti

    Wer schickt nach mir ?
    Ich bin doch nicht blind
    Und doch, ich kann nichts mehr sehen
    Es ist soweit, habe ich recht ?
    Darf ich noch etwas sagen ?
    H_rt mir noch jemand zu ?
    Hat es noch ein Gewicht ?
    Wer kann mich jetzt noch sp_ren ?
    Ist es geschehen ?
    Ist es vorbei ?
    Ist es geschehen ?

    When the sun left the day the finger at the departure the Fl_sse locked in the dirt the eyes firmly, the soul cramps the memory eaten, the future of full fear an angel at the gate of the H_lle Luzifer in the paradies a virgin fl_stert my names Into nomine patris, filii spirituus sancti Amen et Let my light still burn and give me your name are quiet and let me live only this instant only one moment Then take me with let me still pray let me again flee I however never come zur_ck to you to the devil Into nomine patris, filii spirituus sancti Amen et Who sends after me? I am not blind and nevertheless nevertheless, I can to nothing more see it am so far, am right I? May I say still something? H_rt me still someone too? Does it have still another weight? Who can now still sp_ren me? Did it happen? Is it past? Did it happen?

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