Key logger detectors?

Discussion in 'other security issues & news' started by kuba, Jan 27, 2006.

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  1. kuba

    kuba Registered Member

    Aug 9, 2005
    Apparently my friend has a keylogger (don't know how it got on there), but her AIM password is somehow mailed out from her own account to someone else.
    She checked her sent folder and everyday an email is being sent out with the subject containing her password.
    Any good programs out there to detect keyloggers? Recommendations what to do?
    She's done the AdAware, Spybot thing, already.
    She can do a ton more, like i would, but thought maybe a quick keylogging detection device would be helpful.
    Then again, maybe she should do a thorough scan of everything by the sounds of it. *puppy* *puppy* *puppy*
  2. TNT

    TNT Registered Member

    Sep 4, 2005
    Try SnoopFree Privacy Shield (real time only) and see if it detects something, then try Ewido
  3. nousername

    nousername Guest

  4. hgwells

    hgwells Guest

    Not all anti-spyware programs are created equal. Some are pretty good at finding keyloggers, but MSAS is not one of them. MSAS is terrible at finding the majority of keyloggers. I would never rely on it to detect them. I didn't find Ewido to be that great either at finding keyloggers, but it is still better than MSAS. Of course both programs are very helpful for other kinds of malware, so both are still worth having IMO, especially Ewido.

    Some of the better keylogger detectors are Spycop (payware). Though not free Spycop will detect nearly every commercially available keylogger around (hook and kernel based).

    I also agree on the recommendation for Snoopfree (free). SF is also good for detecting keyloggers, but it won't find the kernel based ones. It's good for all the more common hook based keyloggers. To find those sneaky little kernel based keyloggers try RootkitRevealer (free), Blacklight beta (currently free) or UnHackme (free trial- very fast scan). They will all find the kernel based ones, but you'll still need Snoopfree for the rest.

    Security Task Manager (free trial) is a nice program that will find all kinds of malware, including many keyloggers. It has a very quick scan, nearly instantaneous. But sadly this program doesn't do well against kernel based keyloggers, so you'll again need to run RR, BLB or UHM along with it, to have a more complete protection against keyloggers.

    What I like is a combination of programs that block the install of keyloggers like ProcessGuard (free and payware versions) or AntiHook (free) and programs that can be used to scan for and then find and remove anything that may have gotten past your other defenses, like Spycop, UnHackme and STM.

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