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    Apr 23, 2004
    KeePass 1.01 has been released today! Although the version change looks like a minor update (from 1.0 to 1.01), 1.01 is a major feature and bugfix release. It is recommended to upgrade to 1.01.

    05/08/16 - 1.01
    - Added option to minimize the main window before auto-typing (so, the same auto-type behaviour as in version 0.99c and before); this option is turned off by default (the method of 1.0 is default), see the advanced options dialog to turn it on if auto-typing doesn't work on your computer
    - Auto-type now works correctly with toggled caps-lock
    - Improved options-saving performance (thanks to Brad Clarke for the patch), this should prevent the delays when exiting the program
    - KeePass will now register the global hotkey Ctrl-Alt-K, if no other application hasn't reserved it already; this hotkey will bring the KeePass window to the front when you press it
    - KeePass now continues auto-typing if it has been interrupted by the login screen when you tried to auto-type while the workspace was locked
    - Replaced 'Pick One' buttons by icon buttons in the add-entry, add-group and mass-modify dialogs
    - You can now save the database even if you don't have modified anything
    - Improved menu accelerator handling, the hotkeys now also work when the bottom entry preview window has the focus
    - Added buttons to select common expiry time intervals and the default expiry time in the mass-modify entries dialog
    - Ascending TAN numbers in the notes field now have at least 3 digits (leading 0s), so you can sort them now by notes
    - Fixed a minor bug with the default entry-expiry menu in the add-entry dialog (daylight saving caused the time to be updated incorrectly)
    - Quick-find edit control contents are cleared now when closing or locking a database
    - Added option to delete all backup entries before saving the database to disk (see 'Advanced' tab in the options dialog)
    - Added tooltips for secure edit controls (in secure mode)
    - Added function to open broken/corrupted KeePass databases; useful if you unplugged your USB stick before the file was written completely, it of course cannot help you if you forgot the master password, read CHM file for more info
    - Fixed a bug which caused the statusbar to display incorrect information when selecting groups in the group list
    - Fixed incorrect window title that appeared after entering 3 times a wrong password when trying to unlock the workspace
    - You cannot minimize the main window any more while a subdialog is open
    - Changed some strings to clearify their meanings
    - Minor improvements and clearifications in the documentation manual (CHM file)
    - Minor UI improvements (balloon tooltip for quickfind, etc.)
    - For plugin authors: config keys can be deleted now by passing NULL as pszValue parameter to CPrivateConfig::Set
    - Several small code changes in order to cleanly compile with Microsoft 7.x compilers

    <Download at SourceForge>
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