Kaspersky Personal Pro 5 .0.372 use outpost or another ??? help

Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by Meridiusuk, Jun 24, 2005.

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  1. Meridiusuk

    Meridiusuk Guest

    Hi all new here nice to meet you all, well well well i have been looking for the best anti virus checker and found out Kaspersky Personal Pro 5 .0.372 was the best choise in catching them and also in low system resources but i want a firewall

    I have been doing alot of reading and alot of people seem to perfer or use outpost 2.7 or (look n stop) for there firewall thay seem to rate them both

    Q1 what is the best firewall compatibility with Kaspersky Personal Pro 5 .0.372

    Q2 is outpost or look n stop the best one to use and easy to setup as i dont want anysetup problems i just want to install it and go as i am a complete new learner to firewalls i dont want to mess about.

    Q3 is outpost or look n stop use low system resources for a firewall meaning it dont slow your machine down

    Q4 what settings do i need to change in kav for these firewalls o_O?

    Q5 is outpost or look n stop or any other firewall easy to uninstall

    Q6 is there a better firewall to use than above with Kav as i have looked around thay seem to be the best options by many

    Q7 how har dis it to use a firewall when first installed

    I just want a firewall to protect me from hackers and other things all i use my computer for is email, surfing the internet, downloading and using MSN and mirc for chating

    I hope you can help me as i have found my best setup for my virus killer and i also want a good easy firewall to go with it but must be powerfull in stoping stuff or whast the point

    thanks to all who help
  2. meridiusuk

    meridiusuk Guest

    oh the firewall must be Very low on resource consumption to thanks this is why i got kav as it has Very low on resource consumption thansk
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