Kaspersky Labs' products now come with IntelR CentrinoTM identifier

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    Jan 19, 2004
    Kaspersky Labs, a leading information security software developer, is
    strengthening strategic alliances with Intel; the next generation of
    Kaspersky Labs' products supports cutting-edge technologies from
    Intel. Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal 5.0 and Kaspersky
    Anti-Virus for Windows Workstations 5.0* are fully compatible with
    Intel Centrino** technology for mobile PCs.

    Intel Centrino mobile technology is developed specifically for the
    wireless world. The new technology supports high performance mobile PCs
    and extended wireless network access. The result? Lighter and thinner
    notebooks. At the same time, Centrino technology requires software
    vendors to include new functionalities. Business applications now have
    to be mobile: specifically designed to integrate with mobile platforms
    and wireless networks in order to maintain system performance for users
    on the move.

    Kaspersky Labs' flagship products have been modified to comply with
    Intel standards and fully support Centrino technology for mobile users.
    As a result, the next generation of Kaspersky Anti-Virus guarantees the
    delivery of antivirus database updates even if the Internet connections
    are disrupted. The antivirus solutions will operate correctly in offline
    mode and function smoothly as users switch modes from standby to offline
    and so forth. Power is economized in all modes, thus preserving battery

    Kaspersky Labs is the first Russian software developer to integrate
    mobile user support into user applications, confirming once again the
    company's status as a leading player on the local IT market. Kaspersky
    Labs is the first Russian company to fully participate in the Intel
    Software Identifier program as a devloper of applications for mobile

    'Intel launched the Intel Software Identifier program in order to
    support developers in creating effective solutions based on Intel
    processors. Our current partnership with Kaspersky Labs has resulted in
    antivirus solutions which are fully compatible with Intel Centrino.
    Mobile users worldwide will benefit from the availability of
    state-of-the-art protection against malware integrated with Intel
    Centrino technology. Kaspersky Labs, the first Russian participant in
    the Intel Software Identifier program, has joined the Intel Software
    Identifier program in the mobile user sector - the fastest growing
    sector in both Russia and the world', commented Dmitry Ilyin, Intel
    Software Identifier manager in Russia and the CIS.

    'Close to 80% of the world's computer use Intel. Therefore, successful
    applications need to be full integrated with systems based on Intel
    processors in order to achieve market success. Receiving the Intel
    Centrino Indentifier for our flagship products is a very important step
    for Kaspersky Labs', noted Denis Zenkin, Head of Corporate
    Communications at Kaspersky Labs, 'Certification by Intel confirms the
    quality of our products: ideal antivirus solutions that are simple to
    install and use, effectively detect and neutralize malicious programs
    and minimize system load'.

    *Kaspersky Labs has been working with Intel for a significant period of
    time in order to qualify to participate in the Intel Centrino Identifier
    program. Kaspersky Anti-Virus for 5.0 has been developed in accordance
    with all Intel Centrino optimization requirements, and all certification
    requirements have been met. Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows
    Workstations 5.0 is currently in closed beta-testing, and will be
    released for public beta-testing by the end of May.

    **Intel and Centrino
    are the registered trademarks of Intel Corporation worldwide.
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