Karen's Directory Printer v4.2

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by FanJ, Apr 6, 2004.

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  1. FanJ

    FanJ Guest


    Has anyone of you already installed Karen's Directory Printer v4.2 ?

    If so, do you also have the same as Vukodlak75 showed at DSLR-software-forum:

    I have sent an email to Karen.

    Regards, Jan.
  2. FanJ

    FanJ Guest

    Re:Karen's Directory Printer v4.2.1


    Karen published very quickly a fix:


    Directory Printer v4.2.1
    ** Updated April 6, 2004
    Version 4.2.1: Fixed bug that prevented program from operating correctly when launched from the "Print with DirPrn" context menu. Also improved support for printing network folders from the context menu.

    - end quote -

    If you like, you can also read a little bit about it here at DSLR:

    Big thanks to Karen for fixing it so quickly ! :D


    Related to this but also off topic:

    After installing v 4.2, I noticed some changes in some of my system files (has nothing to do with that little bug that Karen fixed so quickly).

    Some info about them (please note that my system is Windows 98 SE IE 5.5 SP2 Dutch):

    Application: c:\windows\setup1.exe
    Status: Changed
    Version old: 6.00.8804
    Version new: 6.00.9782
    Size old: 249856
    Size new: 249856
    Date old: 2003-01-28 13:03:40
    Date new: 2004-04-06 11:28:40

    Application: c:\windows\st6unst.exe
    Status: Changed
    Version old: 6.00.8450
    Version new: 6.00.9782
    Size old: 73216
    Size new: 73216
    Date old: 2003-01-28 13:03:40
    Date new: 2004-04-06 11:28:38

    Application: c:\windows\system\comdlg32.ocx
    Status: Changed
    Version old: 6.00.8877
    Version new: 6.01.9782
    Size old: 198656
    Size new: 152848
    Date old: 2000-12-03 16:01:58
    Date new: 2004-04-06 11:29:00

    Application: c:\windows\system\mscomctl.ocx
    Status: Changed
    Version old: 6.01.9545
    Version new: 6.01.9782
    Size old: 1077344
    Size new: 1081616
    Date old: 2002-06-06 12:13:00
    Date new: 2004-04-06 11:29:00

    I asked Karen about it.
    She answered me:
    "Microsoft has just released an update to Visual Basic 6.0 (SP6), including a new runtime, new setup files, and more.
    I used the new version to create the 4.2 version of the Directory Printer, and to create its setup package too.
    That's why you're seeing the updated files".

    Thanks again to Karen for that info !!!
    I didn't know that....
    I guess I should start a new thread about "MS Visual Basic 6.0 (SP6)".

    Regards, Jan.
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