Jetico firewall question from a beginner;

Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by Andre_NO, Oct 1, 2006.

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  1. Andre_NO

    Andre_NO Registered Member

    Oct 1, 2006

    I am not any good with computers, average user I guess. I just read a test( of firewalls and was surprised that the firewall that I have used for several years now was not good at all, that is Zone Alarm Free(called ZA from now). So I decide to try Jetico(free version) since it came out so good – even though I read that it could be difficult to use. And now I have some question regarding Jetico that I cant figure out myself, and I have seeked this forum and read a lot (like this one

    Hope you can help me:

    1. I normally connect to Internet/bit torrent(and so on) via VPN supplied by the university that I belong to. I connect by going to Settings > Network Connections (I have a shortcut on my XP desktop). When I used ZA for the first time it told me that the program tried to connect to Internet and I allowed it, and I never got any warnings after that. But with J I don’t get any warnings at all, the connection just tries to connect several times before it gives up. If I look at the shortcut for the VPN it now stands “Disconnected, Firewalled WAN Miniport(PPTP). I want a warning where I can check the trusted zone in J. If I open just internet explorer I will get a connection dialog; when I enter my username here J will give me a warning and also the possibility to check the allowed for trusted zone. Why not use the connection via IE or Operas connection? I could – but I also want to understand why I cant connect as I always has.

    2. When I for example start Spybot or ewido anti-spyware, J is telling me that I they tries to connect to the internet. Since I need the updates I check the allowd button for those. But when I start other programs that I don’t want to get connection, and check the deny button, they start but with lot of bugs. In other words they don’t work as they should.

    3. Can you tell me the different by just checking the “trusted zone” or allow as part of the system in Jetico?

    4. All test done by XP regarding security tells me “all ok” since I have both antivirus and firewall installed. But is there any sites where I can get a better check?

    Well, this was my questions so far; apriciates all suggestions!

    Sorry for my poor English!

  2. djg05

    djg05 Registered Member

    Apr 6, 2005
    I have found Jetico very difficult to configure and in the end found something else, but if you want to know about it there is a very good thread here and Stem has given a lot of advice on it.
  3. Stem

    Stem Firewall Expert

    Oct 5, 2005
    Hi Andre_NO, welcome to Wilders,

    I thought I would give you a little time to look through the thread, as linked by djg05 (thanks),...
    So how are you now with Jetico,.... Please post if you still have questions,... I will watch the thread for your reply,...

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