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Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by sofarsogood, Feb 19, 2007.

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  1. sofarsogood

    sofarsogood Registered Member

    Aug 28, 2006
    Beijing, China
    I have been using Jetico V.1 happily for several months. Last week I "cleaned up" my configuration file by deleting a bunch of entries in the "Ask User" table, and it stopped working - no outbound connections from any application. If I set it to "Accept All" and start an I/O, it continues to work even if I then set it back to "Optimal Protection", so apparently there was a problem setting up connections.

    I then saved by current setup and selected "reset to factory options" - and still have the same result! I didn't have this problem when I first loaded it.

    For instance, I now have opera handled as a browser. If I turn on logging and try to load a page there are no instances logged. Also, the traffic monitor shows 0 blocked packets.

    Can anyone suggest what I can do to get this working? I could reload a backup version that works, but I hate not knowing what is happening, and I have looked it over and there is nothing unexpected in the configuration. Could it be a windows update has changed something in the DNS lookup, perhaps?

    I am running XP SP2 and Jetico

    Thanks for any suggestions,

  2. poirot

    poirot Registered Member

    May 4, 2005
    sofarsogood,did you try erasing everything inside the Configuration Wizard,then rebooting?
    Or,depending on the type of connection you have, flushing the DNS cache?

    I had a similar experience in the past when i used a config belonging to pc1 for my pc2, they ran the same programs ,but the wizard settings were slightly different=no way to get an internet connection until i realised about my mistake.
  3. Stem

    Stem Firewall Expert

    Oct 5, 2005
    Hello sofarsogood,

    If the suggestion by "poirot" does not help.

    There is a possibility that your optimal config file as been corrupted. As you are now resetting to defaults, I would suggest:

    Disconnect from the internet. Exit Jetico, browse to your folder~ Documents and Settings / [user name] / Application data / Jetico personal firewall / 1.0, and delete the "Optimal.bcf file. Then re-boot. Open Jetico, and then "Revert to factory settings". This will then create a new optimal policy from the base config file.

    We would also need to check you connection type. If you are on dial up, then there can be a delay (problem) with Jetico picking up the DNS servers.
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