I've been meandering through the Darknet again...

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    Jun 2, 2008
    Ever wonder what is going on down there? I've been lurking down in the rabbit hole for a very long time and finally started writing about it in March. Before the AdultFriendFinder (AFF) became known - I initially found the database (stripped of credit card data) in a forum called Hell. You can read about it on ArsTechnica, Mashable, CNN, and originally at my blog [posted without AFF as the tagline - because I honestly did not know the protocol for "getting the word out]. I placed enough hints though :)

    I am currently working on a Darknet series over at the Norse-corp. DarkMatters blog - here is the first post in my series. If you ever wanted to know how the bad guys think, I am trying to find out. I am also keeping my eyes open for malware trends as well.*image removed
    So, if anyone here researches malware on the Darknet - please contact me via my blog or PM me. Thanks for you time.​

    Bev @teksquisite

    BTW, I am not a noob here, just a long-time lurker!
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