It MAY be your Surge Protection Power Board !!!

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by Tassie_Devils, Jan 16, 2003.

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  1. Tassie_Devils

    Tassie_Devils Global Moderator

    May 8, 2002
    State Queensland, Australia

    Reading root's excellent Disaster Prevention 101 thread prompted me to give this piece of info which may save a lot of headaches and dollars.

    Around 6 months ago my PC started rebooting itself for no reason or would freeze. So I took it in and it was the Harddrive going. New harddrive and problem solved.

    Then a short 5 months later, started rebooting itself again. [No malware, I thoroughly checked] and thought, don't tell me Harddrive again.

    It would shutdown and reboot straight away so did not notice any unusual activity apart from that. Then couple days later I had turned it off completely, so had to do cold start after a couple of hours off, and I heard a funny noise starting up, so took it in again.

    Techs heard same noise, instantly turned it off and it was Power Supply Fan bearing going.

    Replaced the PSU totally, [bigger, better at my insistence] new fan on CPU, new heatsink and they thoroughly tested it for three days. [I insisted on leaving it there] Sandra Burnin, etc. Worked perfectly. No probs whatsoever. As a matter of fact Tech was quite surprised at how fast it ran [I keep it clean].

    I took it home, pluged it back together, turned it on [VERY quiet now, lol] and away I went. 2 hours later and about 3 REBOOTS. Darn.

    Rang the tech, and obviously I knew it was from my end as it had survived for 3 solid days with Burnin running at 95% constantly.

    So he started going thru different things I had at home.

    He asked me if I had a Surge Protection Power Board installed. YES.

    Replace it he said. Why? It's working isn't it. Replace it he said again.
    Went in bought another one, installed, NO PROBLEMS SINCE. [Did not negate the fact I needed a new PSU/fan, etc.]

    A 1 off thing? Nope.

    Just two days ago, a guy at work said to me if I knew any thing about PC's. Why? Well his keeps freezing, on reboot sometimes kept getting "Fatal Error" alerts. Happening every 10-20 minutes. Could not net, email, etc.

    His wife took it to a guy she *knew* was a computer "expert" and said it was hard drive.
    $150 later, still froze at home [worked fine at his shop]
    More RAM. $100 later, still froze. [still working fine at shop]
    Video Card: $120 later, still froze. [ditto]
    MotherBoard: $250 later, SAME results all round.

    I knew where he lived and it was a bit remote with power fluctuations, so asked if he had a Surge Protection Board [smartass I was]. YEP.

    Told him. Replace it! [lol]
    He comes to work last night. Walks into room where I am.
    Yells out: Hey Adrian, you are a ^%#(&^ Genius, LOL.
    He went and bought a $22 board and PC had not frozen all day.

    Oh: He rings his missus, abuses her about HER *expert* and the dollars spent, she hangs up on him, he walks out room grinning. [Don't try this at home kids, it may be hazardous to your health].

    So maybe those with boards and living in a slightly remote or fluctuating power supply areas, it just MAY be your board.
  2. snowy

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    LOL..Best Post I read all month LOL
  3. Detox

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    Feb 9, 2002
    Texas, USA
    Good thing to keep in mind; admittedly I already have some fans making a bit of noise sometimes in my machine and I havent replaced them yet; don't wanna take it somewhere I'm gonna look into doing it myself but I figure why not go watercooled while I'm switching fans anyway righto_O
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