Issues with WSH and Adobe and MSI clean-up a little help please

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by Longboard, Nov 10, 2008.

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    Oct 2, 2004
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    I need some guidance please.
    Probably about to show off my ignorance ;)

    I've got a box with an older installation of XPHome Sp2 fully patched
    Has Acrobat 6.06
    Has had various Security softs and optimising utilities on it over the last 4 years: was my 'work horse'.
    Got around to doing some updates: specifically Acrobat Reader to v9.
    Uninstalled Reader 6.x or thought I did :doubt: Left an entry in the Add/remove list.
    >Reg Cleaner
    DL v9 and run installer: goes to 99% then exits o_O
    OK > google> dl and try to run MSI Cleanup tool: Get a message box:
    "Windows Script Host is disabled: Contact Administrator"
    Find old Norton antiscript tools: reset to enable scripts
    Rerun MSI tool installer: same

    > google > Check file associations: VBS is associated with ??!! Audio files ??
    Create .vbs association

    DL and run WSH 5.7 for XP: get dire looking message :
    "Cannot complete install some updates cannot be applied, XP may not work properly"

    Reboot and get back to User login that I haven't seen for ages: :blink: havent used that password for ages : no idea what it was :ouch:
    Safe Mode: Admin Acct: reset passwords; reboots OK

    > google furiously

    > lots of references to Reg entries re WSH and 'Dword enable'
    > hundreds of references to Adobe and uninstall issues and 'left over Reg entries'
    > hundreds of references re various scripting issues

    Haven't changed anything in the registry yet

    OK so advice please:
    Cannot install MSI cleaner tool
    Cannot install WSH
    I seem to have a partially uninstalled Adobe Reader v6.x,
    an uninstalled Reader v9 ( all pdf files on that box open with acrobat 6)
    There is some issues with scripting tools here: what ??
    Box seems fine but ...there have been literally hundreds of installs and uninstalls on this box prior to finding FDISR and Terabyte
    Hasn't had a clean reinstall for years

    I would like to try to fix whatever is wrong rather than reformat and reinstall, just for the intellectual exercise

    I have image made of this disc and FDISR has been called so I can have a serious go at this if any one has any insights.

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