Issues that some file-level backup programs have when restoring from incrementals

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    Feb 24, 2008
    There are issues with the restore functionality of some file-level backup programs that seem to be commonly neglected in reviews. For more information, please read the three comments by Bill at this review of Cobian Backup:

    Areca Backup, the file-level backup program that I use, does not have these issues. I'm currently using Areca Backup v7.2.1; some versions of Areca Backup both before and after v7.2.1 had bugs in the Merge functionality. Also, there is now a (non-free) plugin for Areca Backup called ArecaVSS that allows Areca Backup to backup locked files in Windows.

    Bonus link: [Windows] Best free file backup, drive backup (aka imaging), and system backup software.
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