Issues properly uninstalling Paragon software (drivers left behind)

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    Sep 6, 2014

    This is the support staff from FlexRAID (

    Various users have reported to us about having issues properly uninstalling various Paragon products whether it be the Disk Manager, Image Mounter, and others.

    One of the drivers from your Disk Manager software, in particular, interfere with a feature of one of our products. Uninstalling that software does not resolve the issue and users have to reformat and re-install their OS to resolve the issue.

    One particular issue thread is posted here:,4071.0.html

    What resolution do users have in either disabling or fully uninstalling your filter drivers on product uninstall so that they don't have to result to re-installing their OS?

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    Sep 10, 2014

    I am one of the users who have been experiencing the issue referred to above.

    I have attempted to uninstall Paragon products (Hard Disk Manager 12, Alignment Tool 4) to fix the issue with Transparent RAID (FlexRAID), but just trying to uninstall them via Programs and Features had been problematic. For example, running the uninstaller had required that I provide the original MSI file I had performed the installation with (same version). Also, after uninstalling products, it still showed some applications in the Start menu and in the Program Files folders.

    After I had uninstalled the programs, I still had found a number of remnants including drivers—I found the computer still loading a number of UIM drivers that I later found to be Paragon’s Universal Image Mounter.
    • uim_devim.sys
    • uim_im.sys
    • Uim_IMx64.sys
    • uim_vimx64.sys
    • UimBus.sys
    • UimFIO.sys
    • uimx64.sys
    I looked over Device Manager and sure enough, there was the “Universal Image Mounter” class with the device “UIM Direct Device Image Plugin.” I had uninstalled the device although I still had issues with Transparent RAID.

    Searching further, I located a total of 8 drivers in the driver store with Paragon as the provider. Note that one (oem117.inf) was for the UIM device.

    Further more, I located other DLL drivers signed by Paragon being loaded:
    • Vim.RWBlock.dll
    • vimbase.dll
    • vimsdk.dll
    • blockmounter.dll

    Hidden as disconnected devices in Device Manager I located the following in Non-Plug and Play Drivers, belonging to Paragon:
    • BioNT_BS
    • hc3ServiceName (hotcore3 service)
    Is there a forceful uninstall utility by Paragon that can truly remove traces of their programs? I have tried to remove all of these traces manually as best I can but I am still having issues with Transparent RAID and honestly, I can only wonder what else may be left behind. Also, another user of Transparent RAID has been able to reproduce the same issue I am having in a VM whereas uninstalling a Paragon application did not bring Transparent RAID back to life. Flattening and reinstalling isn’t really an option at this point--I'd be greatful if I can remove these traces of Paragon.

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    Aug 9, 2008
    Did you get any further on this?

    I found following drivers in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\

    Name Size Modified Location
    uim_devim.sys 25.992 15-09-2014 02:31:44 C:\Windows\System32\drivers
    uim_im.sys 700.680 15-09-2014 02:31:44 C:\Windows\System32\drivers
    UimBus.sys 102.664 15-09-2014 02:31:44 C:\Windows\System32\drivers
    UimFIO.sys 556.552 15-09-2014 02:31:44 C:\Windows\System32\drivers

    when checking the properties (devicemanager, rightclick properties, driver->details)
    it states:
    provider: unknown
    copyright: unknown
    digital signer: unknown

    As far as I can see it is Paragon stuff alright.

    However, elsewhere on Internet I saw other users listing:


    On windows 7 forums ( )
    it was suggested to delete the uimx64.sys which caused BSOD's with the user there. That aside, I do not know
    what happens when
    1) Paragon software is uninstalled
    2) the above drivers are simply deleted (or uninstalled using device manager)

    Will Microsoft download other drivers then?

    I got to this because immediately after boot Windows 7 reports

    Date/Time: 14-12-2014 06:17:20
    EventID: 10114
    The UMDF reflector was unable to complete startup because the WUDFPf service was not found. This service may be started later during boot, at which point Windows will attempt to start the device again.

    Date/Time: 14-12-2014 06:17:20
    EventID: 219
    The driver \Driver\WUDFRd failed to load for the device Root\PARAGONBLOCKDEVICE\0000.
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    Aug 9, 2008

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    Aug 9, 2008
    Most probably the below will remove most (likely all) of the drivers and registry entries

    One needs to install
    - Take Ownership

    1) search for all UIM* entries:


    Take ownership of the files (rightmouse click) and delete them

    Note: if these files are the only ones in their folders, i.e. there is nothing left,
    then you may wish to delete the (empty) folder as well: Take ownership folder->delete folder)

    2) do the same with


    3) Windows-Start enter regedit.exe - right mouse click and run ad administrator

    Search for UIM entries in the registry
    Then select the folder in which they reside
    Change permission to administrator with 'full control'

    Delete all the UIM-entries entries

    Of course same to be done with vim* and blockmounter

    You may wish to reboot in between the sessions.
    I don't know if it is necessary, I did at least.

    With me now all UIM, VIM and Blockmounter drivers are gone and registry entries have been deleted.

    Complex, I know, but the Paragon software doesn't take care of removing these drivers.

  6. Robin A.

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    Feb 25, 2006
    Thanks for the useful info, I think the info about the Registry could be somewhat more specific.

    I don´t keep any Paragon program installed. I install them temporarily under Shadow Mode (using Shadow Defender), but occasionally I make "mistakes". I searched for the elements described in your post and found several, all with the same creation time in 2013. I didn´t delete anything in the Registry.