[Issue] GPT Loader / GPT Manager doesn’t see the whole capacity of a GPT drive

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    Mar 10, 2015
    I bought Paragon GPT Disk Manager I have a a 6.0 TB HDD. WD60 , In a PC with Windows XP SP3
    it shows me a capacity of 1493 G
    I did

    Launch a terminal: Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt.
    Execute diskpart to launch the disk partitioning tool. The prompt to the left will display DISKPART>. Type help to see the list of available commands, or help [command] to see hints for a particular command.
    Type list disk to see the available disks, then select disk N to choose the high-capacity drive. Substitute N with its actual number. Double and triple check to ensure this is the right drive, because we’re going to wipe it.
    Execute clean to wipe all partitioning information from it.
    Launch the GPT Manager, select Convert Hard Disk to GPT, and choose the high-capacity drive. (it shows me max 1493 G)
    Still in the GPT Manager, switch to Partitioning to the left, and Create a partition spanning drive’s full capacity.

    After that, the drive should be fully operable.

    Problem is that continuing show me a capacity of 1493 G.
    What should I do for showing me the full capacity of WD60 disk?