isalert tool alerts when internet is under attack.

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    Jul 31, 2003

    The ISCAlert tool is a neat new SYSTRAY application for Windows 98 and higher. The download is only 13KB and it includes a tiny SYSTRAY program and PDF file explaining this new utility program.

    To install this, simply create a FOLDER and place the program in it. Then create a shortcut and drag it to either your Windows Startup folder (or I have mine on the Active Launch tool bar, so I can manually launch this as desired). It is very small and efficient in it's use of resources.

    It monitors the status of the Internet Storm Center and will change from Green to Yellow, Orange, or Red during periods when the Internet is under extensive attack. While hopefully the ISC will stay green on most days, this is a handy tool to use during periods of high activity.

    By Right mouse clicking on the ISCAlert running in the SYSTRAY, you can configure Firewall Proxy information. A final benefit of this tool is that you can quickly launch six of the most popular ISC webpages with your browser.

    Announcing ISCAlert

    Tom Liston, Internet Storm Center handler, and author of LaBrea has just released ISCAlert. Per Tom, "ISCAlert is a small program that monitors the SANS Institute’s Internet Storm Center (ISC) and displays an icon in the system-tray indicating the current “Infocon” level.

    The ISC’s Infocon status is used to reflect changes in malicious traffic and the possibility of disrupted connectivity on the Internet. Information on the meanings of the various Infocon levels can be found at

    ISC Alert Download Link- ISCAlert is available for Microsoft Windows platforms here:

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