Is my CRC32-test working? A short guideline

Discussion in 'Trojan Defence Suite' started by FanJ, Mar 21, 2004.

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    For a guideline about the CRC32-test in TDS-3, see this thread:
    TDS-3 CRC32-test Guidelines

    In case you are asking yourself "Is my CRC32-test working?", here is a short guideline:

    Of course there are all kind of ways to check whether your CRC32-test in TDS-3 is working.
    But I'll give you an easy way to check it.

    Add the Radius-file to your file crcfiles.txt if it is not already there.
    The Radius-file contains the Trojan-definitions for TDS-3.
    The Radius-file is usually updated every working-day.

    How to add the Radius-file to crcfiles.txt:
    Open crcfiles.txt in Notepad.
    Add the following line:
    Save crcfiles.txt

    At the next working-day update your Radius-file.
    (assuming here that, as usually, there were new Trojan-definitions).
    Then run your CRC32-test.
    You will see an alert like this one:

    10:50:31 [CRC32] -ALERT- File has changed: C:\<deleted by me>\Radius.TD3

    You see that the CRC32-test indeed alerts you that the Radius-file has been changed.

    As you can see, I deleted the full path of my TDS-3 directory in that Alert.

    Now what to do if you don't get such an alert.

    On a few systems the latest version of TDS-3 has a little error that is very easily to fix by yourself.

    Go to your TDS-3 directory.

    Check if you have the following sub-directory:

    In case you don't have that sub-directory in xDynamic, then simply add it by yourself.

    Now run the CRC32-test in TDS-3.

    TDS-3 has now made by itself the file crc32.bnk in that sub-directory xDynamic\

    The CRC32-test in TDS-3 should be working fine now :)

    Check at the next working day, after updating your Radius-file, whether your CRC32-test gives you now an alert that Radius.TD3 has been changed.

    I hope this helps a little bit.

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