Iranian Hackers Launch a New US-Targeted Campaign

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    "Iranian Hackers Launch a New US-Targeted Campaign as Tensions Mount...

    Analysts at two security firms, Crowdstrike and Dragos, tell WIRED that they've seen a new campaign of targeted phishing emails sent to a variety of US targets last week from a hacker group known by the names APT33, Magnallium, or Refined Kitten, and widely believed to be working in the service of the Iranian government. Dragos named the Department of Energy and US national labs as some of the half-dozen targeted organizations. A third security firm, FireEye, independently confirmed that it's seen a broad Iranian phishing campaign targeting both government agencies and private sector companies in the US and Europe,...

    ...FireEye --'We're not sure if it's intelligence collection, gathering information on the conflict, or if it's the most dire concern we’ve always had, which is preparation for an attack.'

    Some signs suggest the new targeting campaign is indeed a cyberespionage operation,..."
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