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    Jun 7, 2004
    These people want to control what you can or can't do on the Internet.
    The public should first be aware that these sites have no official capacity whatsoever despite the cavalier claims strewn over their many thousands of bloated and almost worthless web pages. This site attempts to put Peter Hampton's organisation into perspective and to debunk the many blatantly false claims made by WEB-POLICE.ORG, INTERGOV.ORG, SCAMWATCH.COM, INTERDAC.COM, ILETA.NET ICC-911.COM, WWW.IGSPECOPS.COM all of which have zero official capacity despite Peter Hampton's claims. We shall examine a lot of the falsehoods, propoganda and the misinformation spread by these sites. These sites appear to be little more than the fantasies of one Peter Hampton and his unquestioning flock of sheeplike followers who seemingly do his every bidding.

    These sites have been misinforming and misleading the public for many years into the belief that they are officially recognised by governments and legitimate law enforcement agencies worldwide, this however is not even anywhere near true as our hours of diligent research will attempt to demonstrate. Over the years their claims have been vast and varied and we will also be looking at their history and many of their prior false claims.

    They are running a IRC server at 6667

    Here are a bit more reading on these morons:
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