Intel Chipset Driver v9.3.0.1026

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    Download Intel Chipset Driver v9.3.0.1026 WHQL

    To ensure proper installation of the Intel Chipset Drivers incase you were not installing them for the first time after a format, do the following:

    1) Double click on the exe file you downloaded and when prompted to extract it a folder, add a \chip to the end of the path (this makes it easier to type it in DOS)

    2) Copy that folder to the root of your C:\ Partition

    3) Press the START MENU button > All Programs > Accessories > then right click on Command Prompt and choose Run As Administrator

    4) In the Command Prompt, type:

    - cd\ to back to the ROOT of c:
    - cd chip to go into the folder Chip
    - setup.exe -overall then hit ENTER

    Now the drivers will be installed completely because if you don't follow this method, then as soon as you run the setup regularly and hit next, you will notice that the installation completed and nothing happened.
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