Increasing Chance to get OSS recognizing Vista.

Discussion in 'Acronis Disk Director Suite' started by OngL, May 12, 2007.

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    May 1, 2007
    Here are my thoughts on people who failed to get OSS to recognize Vista partition.

    1) Acronis OSS and DD supports vista, but it doesn't always mean problem-free i.e. everytime vista is restored, BCD fix is needed. OSS can't recognize Vista in many instances

    2) Acronis has not come with a definitive answer or resolution to fully resolve vista-related problem​

    A few things about BCD that they didn't tell you
    BCD can accumulate junks. When you install Vista for the first time, you get a proper BCD entries created with setup/install. Over time i.e. restoring ATI image of vista, or other incidents can corrupts vista'BCD, you would need to fix BCD by booting to Vista DVD and choose repair option. Repair option created a new set of entries and left out the old entries. You can't see this right away from VISTA Bootpro, unless you did a diagnostic then some old entries will come in red.

    Alternative way to see the junk entries in BCD is to enter Repair mode command prompt and use BCDedit /v (I think) to list all entries. You'd see multiple entries there.

    This can be the cause of 'confusion' in OSS that make it fail to recognize Vista. (highly assumed)

    Cleaning BCD
    1) Boot up with Vista DVD and choose repair
    2) Enter command prompt
    3) delete /boot/bcd (this delete your BCD)
    4) Repeat 1) and Vista will create a new set of BCD with only one entry.

    You may encouter some problem when resuming from hibernation (as the entry for hibernation is not recreated), simply repeat step 1) and it'll recreate the hibernation resume BCD entry. All is well ....

    It's recommended to this whenever you have done a fix in BCD, as it'll leave junks in your BCD.

    Last Resort
    Dump OSS, Dump the idea of having XP and Vista at one harddisk.... Use one for each harddisk or just choose one OS..
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