IMAP - security issues? - opinions please.

Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by bigmomma, Sep 17, 2011.

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  1. bigmomma

    bigmomma Registered Member

    Sep 17, 2011
    I have been using POP3 mail for many years. I send e-mail using Secure SMTP (port 465) and receive using Secure POP (port 995). I do not use web-based e-mail but download everything on to Thunderbird.

    Recently my system crashed and I lost all email (although I had a zipped backup which was a few weeks old).

    I like to use Thunderbird rather than login to webmail but am wondering whether to start using IMAP.

    I think the reason I have rejected IMAP in the past is because I don't like the idea of all my e-mail being on the server of the company who sold me the domain name I use for e-mail (a perfectly reputable company).

    Yet most people store all their e-mail on Gmail or Yahoo or whatever anyhow. Also, when I send or receive an e-mail it goes via the company.

    I am wondering what people think about using IMAP rather than POP3. Are there any security issues?
  2. tobacco

    tobacco Frequent Poster

    Nov 7, 2005
    British Columbia
    I think you've answered your own question ;)

    And you have the solution except for staying current on the backups. May i suggest a "real time" sync program to avoid this problem in the future.

    You could also look at CryptoHeaven (encrypted webmail) though not cheap.
  3. Carver

    Carver Registered Member

    Feb 5, 2006
    Once you delete the email(IMAP) it is gone from the server, the only copy that is left is the one you download to your computer with thunderbird. If you had web mail you can have a backup on line if your computer crashes
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