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    Another Imaging Program Spotmau Spotmau PowerSuite Golden Edition at

    PowerSuite 2011 and BootSuite 2011, which combine to give you the ability to boot any machine, repair Windows OS problems, recover data and passwords, optimize system performance, and so much more! With Spotmau PowerSuite Golden Edition, you'll be able to do all of those technical tasks that you've previously had to pay big money or beg for! Stuff like hard drive formatting, disk cloning and backup, and partitioning becomes a breeze when you're using Spotmau PowerSuite Golden Edition.

    Stop being limited by other apps that claim to boot your PC! Spotmau PowerSuite Golden Edition gives you the power to boot any laptop or desktop, from CD/DVD or USB drive - letting you get in there to rescue your critically important data. By the same token, Spotmau PowerSuite Golden Edition lets you recover quickly from system crashes stemming from the most popular reasons - bluescreen, blackscreen, corrupt registry, bad partition tables, MBR infection - nothing but nothing will stop you from getting back on track!

    Backup and Restore Files and System

    Hard drive crash happens every second in the world. You many lose your precious family photos and files at any moment. Please backup your important files and data.

    Backup file, folder, partition or entire hard drive.
    Backup to various storage devices such as USB, internal hard drive, CD, DVD, ZIP, FireWire, etc.
    Backup automatically at the time you pre-scheduled.
    Backup large volume data in minutes.
    Support advanced incremental backup modes.
    Restore at any moment.

    Clone Entire Hard Drive or Partition

    "Clone" means that you can copy EVERYTHING including Windows, programs, files, and settings from your old hard drive to a new one! Now you do NOT have to reinstall Windows and programs in your new hard drive.

    Totally copy entire hard drive to a new one.
    2Support all Windows versions.
    Support IDE, SATA, SCSI, USB, FireWire, and more.
    You can clone to an internal disk and external disk.
    Clone entire hard drive or partition.
    The cloned hard disk will be bootable!
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