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    This post is an updated policy regarding the proper use of image links and attachments, as well as member profile signatures.

    Profile Signatures

    Member signatures are primarily meant to be used to convey a short personalized message, to provide information on the products you are using, or to provide a link to some website you find of interest. As time has gone by, some signatures have started to grow bigger, through the use of large fonts, or people have included image links in their signatures. Some of these have become too large and obtrusive in nature, so we'd like to set the following guidelines:

    Signatures may not include IMG tagged links at all. Registered members have the ability to upload a personal avatar (or use one from the library of avatars), so additional images in the signature section should not be necessary.

    Further, the fonts used in signatures should not be larger than the default forum font size, nor should the font selection be overly intrusive when viewed "in thread" (i.e. by use of, for example, extreme highlighting or color selections). No form of "scrolling text" is allowed in signatures. Also, the length of a signature should be no more than a few lines, and should not include multiple blank lines in a row.

    Update: Since many members have continued to make their signatures longer and longer, a limit has been placed on signature display. Only the first 6 lines of a signature will show when viewing a member's posts, regardless of how many lines they add into their profile page.

    Finally, all links must conform to the forum Terms of Service.

    Image Attachments

    Images uploaded to Wilders Security are intended for local use on these forums only, and should not be linked to from any third-party websites or forums.

    The primary use of the attachment upload facility is to allow members to show relevant screen shots or other images that help to document or better explain the points being discussed in a topic. The concept is basically that of "A picture is worth a thousand words."

    Something to remember about images is to make sure they show what you intend without being overly large or including unnecessary content (including some of your own private data!). Some people mistakenly post a screen shot of their entire desktop when all they mean to show is an error message box. To keep your posted image both on-topic and non-distracting to the thread, try to trim such images down to just the relevant portions.

    Off topic images (funny pictures and such) really have no place on Wilders Security Forums. And, in the more serious threads they can have a negative effect to the purposes of the topic.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.
Thread Status:
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