IE7 & Windows Live OneCare safety scanner

Discussion in 'other security issues & news' started by Thomas Newton, Oct 29, 2006.

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  1. Thomas Newton

    Thomas Newton Registered Member

    Sep 8, 2006
    I've been wrestling with this for days now and just can't make it work.

    In IE7 I like to keep security for the Internet, Local intranet & Restricted sites zones set to high and Trusted sites set to medium but I can't get the Windows OneCare Live safety scanner at to work with these settings. So far I've added *, *, *, *, *, & * to IE's Trusted zone but it still won't run. Does anyone have an idea of what else I need to add to Trusted sites or what I'm missing or doing wrong? I've looked at the source for the pages till I was crosseyed and I can't see what I'm missing. Hellllllllp!

  2. ASpace

    ASpace Guest

    Hi Thomas!

    You can post your question is Microsoft's official forum for OneCare

    Microsoft has its newsgroups , you may also post there
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