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  1. I noticed that after I updated the IE_SPYAD list today that it removed about 36 items from SpywareBlaster's protection - so make sure after you update IE-SPYAD that you go back into SWB and re-enable all protections.
  2. eburger68

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    Mar 4, 2002

    Here's the explanation that I posted over at Net-Integration ( ):

    Yes, indeed, IE-SPYAD does disable some protections that must be re-enabled in Spybot's Immunize section or SpywareBlaster's Restricted sites additions.

    As explained in the ReadMe for IE-SPYAD, I do occasionally perform removals in IE-SPYAD. When I perform removals, I can't be sure that every IE-SPYAD user will use the particular update in which those removals are first implemented, so I construct the uninstaller to remove entries that were de-listed in past versions of IE-SPYAD. If I didn't, some users would be left with stray entries in the Restricted sites zone and I'd get complaints about those.

    The most recent removals were done when Merijn removed about 40 domains from his CWS list, either because the domains were dead or because the domains were determined not to be CWS related.

    The solution in all cases is simply to re-enable the protections. I don't see any clear benefit in doing so, because the removals indicate that those domains are not an issue -- or at least not the issue once thought. There's no harm in re-enabling those protections either.


    Eric L. Howes
  3. Bubba

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    Apr 15, 2002
    Another solution that users may want to consider when it comes to programs that place entries in the Restricted Zone(SpywareBlaster, Spybot, IE-Spyad....etc) to somehow determine what the programmer uses as a criteria when placing URL's\IP's in their respective database. Once the user has this understanding....I feel they then should choose only one program to handle this protection because "the obvious issues created by the product overlap are confusing and create more problems than they solve."

    IE-SPYAD criteria---> Targeting & Inclusion Policy
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