ID Blaster on Pest Patrol; hidden LYCOS ss

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How many others have Pest Patrol with these results?

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  1. I have Pest Patrol; but not current version;still shows your results

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  2. I have Pest Patrol (free scan version)and did not show these results

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  1. clrwtr001

    clrwtr001 Registered Member

    Nov 25, 2004
    Anyone with *Pest Patrol* seeing this? It gives 16 Registry entries with ratings from "severe" threat,
    to "unknown severity" threat, to "suspected" threat. All of these are all linked to "ID Blaster" in their database.

    OK, I could understand the possible misgrouping of ID Blaster if LYCOS is the "owner", therefore causing a false positive by linking the name "LYCOS" with "LYCOS SIDE SEARCH" :ninja: , but it is not justifying the "severe" threat by linking with LYCOS (which is only one of sixteen which is deemed as severe). It is linking it to known spyware in more than one data base of spyware. As for the other 15 changes to my registry (even if they get proven as not spyware), THAT seems like a lot of changes for one small app like ID Blaster. Any comments from "staffers"? Will this get removed for asking why?

    clrwtr001 ',~( ((I just want my PC back into my own control again, is this going to be TOO MUCH to ask??))
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