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  1. Proeski

    Proeski Guest

    I downloaded version 8.0 ... MY Dell-Optiplex was not able to make a bootable cd (was recognized but .... didn't do it).
    I succeeded with another (old) computer.

    I have 14 new pc's ... DELL OPTIPLEX SX280 and I want to work with images.
    So I fixed 1 new pc (Winxp / Office / .... Sysprep)

    ==> Reboot + mounting TrueImage cd version 8.0
    ==> ... so, software is loading
    ==> I dubbleclick "create image"
    ==> The create image wizard appears
    ==> I click "NEXT" ==> black screen ==> computer Reset !!!!!!!

    My old TrueImage 6.0 software is even not loading on this Optiplex sx280 and the new Trueimage 8.0 software is not working on this Optiplex SX280.

    What can be wrong?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.