IconPackager 3.0a Released

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    IconPackager 3.0a Released
    A new version of IconPackager has been released. This update has been designed to address some compatibility issues and fix a few bugs we found.

    Below is what's been updated:
    • Updated iprepair.dll for people reporting issues (like being unable to drag items in ObjectDock).
    • Added File > New menu for creating new themes.
    • Added 527 string entry to language files.
    • Fixed new file types being displayed in Package Builder mode correctly.
    • Fixed exe icons being displayed correctly on uninstall.
    • Fixed restoring default exe file from right-click shell extension.
    • Fixed crash on loading list of themes on startup.
    • Fixed Package Builder save dialog displaying correct title.
    • Fixed Cursor scheme within control panel not being reset correctly.
    • Fixed prompting with deleting themes and getting an error message.
    Download: Icon Package 3.0a
    Screenshot:1 Main Interface
    Screenshot:2 An enhanced desktop
    Screenshot:3 The new package builder
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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