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  1. mauiwind

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    Nov 6, 2015
    Twelve years of important photographs...... halp

    I partitioned a new 2 tb seagate drive into two NTSF partitions
    A partition 1000 gigs or so. B partition about the same
    I put 650 gigs of very important photo data on partition B
    I decided to make a Raid array with the on board SSD (60 gigs) and the new drive (partition A?)
    I made the partition and then loaded a fresh Win 10 OS onto the raid
    Part of using Intel Rapid Storage Technology
    I come to find out that my original Partition B is now unallocated space and party one of the three new partions from the new raid config.
    I didn't expect the raid to touch partition B
    My whole last 12 years as a pro photographer is on that (now lost) partition
    Anyone know the best way to:
    undo the raid
    then recover the data from the SATA drive (partition B)
    or just recover the data from the original partition B?

    This is a nightmare.... I don't think I can sleep.

    Yes I know, somehow I made a grave error. I sure hope that one of you guys has a solution for me.

    many thanks
    Tim Orden
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