I think I screwed up my RuleSet, where can I download them?

Discussion in 'LnS English Forum' started by ernstblaauw, Mar 31, 2005.

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  1. ernstblaauw

    ernstblaauw Registered Member

    Mar 17, 2005
    Suddenly, I cannot connect to internet. On my log, there are a lot of entries saying:
    TCP: Any other TCP packet.
    So I disabled that rule, and
    UDP: Any other UDP packet
    and the rule:
    All other packets

    I can surf on the internet now, but disableing those rules is not very safe. So can I download the StaqndardRulesSet.rls and the EnhancedRulesSet.rls? So I can confirm the problem is the rulesset.
    (I don't want to reinstall again,Because I do not know if they reset my rulesset. And I have to install the beta drivers again.)
  2. Kush

    Kush Registered Member

    Dec 10, 2004
    Hello Ernstblaauw,

    To find the rule-sets go to the tab called INTERNET FILTERING,then look for the LOAD box,click on Load......a box will pop-up! you should see LOOK"N"STOP folder,double click on it,then you should see the rule-sets,take your pick StaqndardRulesSet.rls or the EnhancedRulesSet.rls,I would go for the EnhancedRulesSet.rls,highlight it click open,and now your new rule-set is loaded.Reboot and see what happens.

    If you don't find the Look"n"Stop folder when you click on load,you may have to browse to find the folder:c:/program files/Soft4ever->Look"n"Stop,but it should be there by default,but just encase you'll now know where to find the rule-sets if Look"n"Stop is not there when you click on load,good luck

    PS:Ernstblaauw to not have this problem again,every time you do a change to your rule-set,click on SAVE AS(example:1EnhancedRulesSet.rls,2EnhancedRulesSet.rls,3EnhancedRulesSet.rls,etc.,this way if you make a mistake you can just reload the rule-set that you made a change to,but if you just save it,you update your rule-set and you can't revert back to the original rule-set.Just add a letter or a date,so the orginal rule-set copy is alway's there if you make a mistake(always SAVE AS after doing a change,also a good way to find what is not working correctly,by trial and error and you should soon find why your rule-set is not functioning correctly.)
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