HP Laptops Battery Drain and Will Not Load Windows XP

Discussion in 'hardware' started by WellWell, Jan 19, 2009.

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    Jun 22, 2007
    I wanted to get this into the search engines for other too see if they are wondering.

    The new HP Laptops, CTO's, DV 9xxx series.

    The battery will drain completely in 12-29 days depending on which Hewlett Packard notebook you have.

    I've had two in the last year, bought one and returned it for replacement. Both had the same problem. The latest will drain the battery in around 14 days when the unit is off if left in the unit.

    (Please note that the unit IS off and not in hibernate or sleep mode. I took the battery out completely after shutting down, then reinserted it.)

    My friend is also reporting the same problem. He bought three Hewlett Packard CTO notebooks from Costco in the last three months, and reports the same problem for all of them.

    Hewlett Packard technical support and CSR admit there is a problem, but fail to do anything except keep trouble shooting, and then finally replacing the laptop. Sometimes they say it is normal, then sometimes they say it is not normal. If you try to get a replacement, good luck. Hewlett Packard has the absolute worst Customer Support I have ever used.

    It took me four months and hours of my time to get one replacement.

    The next problem is that the Hewlett Packard notebook will not load Windows XP. It will also not load Acronis TI 11, DD 10, or 2009 Boot Loader. You get a fatal error. Windows XP will load all of its drivers into memory, then BSOD's with FATAL STOP error. Vista will load and install correctly. You cannot use disk partitioning tool as it is, such as Partition Logic.

    Acronis has said this is some sort of new SATA Intel chipset SATA driver/controller issue. If this is true, then it's not Acronis' or Hewlett Packard's fault. I assume the FATAL eror trying to laod XP is from the incompatibility with the SATA drivers int eh new notebook, since the DVD and all drives are SATA.

    You may get around this by using a USB SATA or IDE DVD/CD Rom external drive.
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