How Top Gamers Earn Up to $15,000 an Hour

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    "A new lawsuit reveals the high stakes in gaming as brands like Coca-Cola and Bud Light push the hourly income of popular streamers as high as five figures: 'It's become something nobody predicted.'...

    Streaming personalities regularly appear live on camera for more than eight hours a day, responding to fan comments and questions as they play. Twitch, the largest live-streaming platform, averages nearly 1.3  million concurrent viewers daily. Streamers monetize those viewers in a variety of ways, through in-stream ads, donations and paid subscriptions to their channel.

    At the heart of this exploding new business is a wave of interest from major brands — Bud Light, Coca-Cola, Intel, Toyota and T-Mobile among them — that are drawn to the sizeable young audience tuning in for live streams...

    [p]er-hour rates for endorsing a company during a live stream can reach as high as five figures for the most popular gamers. On average, a gamer can make anywhere from a couple thousand to $15,000 per hour. A brand’s overall commitment to a single streamer could total as much as $500,000...."
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