how to resume downloads in mozilla

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by monica_789, Jun 16, 2005.

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  1. monica_789

    monica_789 Guest

    i was downloading a large game americas army so how can i resume that download
  2. justcause

    justcause Guest

    Well I noticed you can resume downloads in Firefox but they will usually start at the beginning again. If your on dial up, and you lose your connection or disconnect for some reason you can't resume the download.

    Here's how you can resume downloads in Firefox. Open FF, click on tools at the top, click downloads and it will open up the download box, which should say resume. Click it if you want to try to resume your previous attempted download. But like I said I have found it usually just starts at the beginning again. Maybe some sites will continue from where you left off the download, but they have to support the resume downloads feature, and it seems many sites don't, probably because it cost them extra cash or something.

    I'm not sure why sites like and don't support resume downloads, but they don't. Every time I try to resume a download at sites like I mentioned, they will resume, but they always start at the beginning of the download, now that's not what I would think of as a resuming of the download, it's simply starting over again from the beginning, and that's only if I stay online and not disconnect/reconnect.

    I have these same problems with all the popular download managers. If the website doesn't support resume download, from the place you left off from, it will simply restart the download from the beginning again every time. Game sites would probably tend to support that feature more though. Best of luck.
  3. justcause

    justcause Guest

    Here's something I noticed about resuming downloads in FF/Mozilla. You can resume a download, but during the download you have to open the download box, if it's not already opened, and click on "pause". Then later if you want you can go back and click "resume" if you want to resume the download.

    But again if you disconnect from the internet or close the browser completely (including the download box), you'll have to click "restart" to restart the download from the beginning again. That's the only way I have found to resume a download from where you left off. Otherwise it will simply restart from the beginning again, unless the site supports resume downloading.
  4. pcalvert

    pcalvert Registered Member

    May 21, 2005
    What I usually do is click on the link to download the file again. If I haven't closed the browser window and the cache hasn't been flushed, it usually picks up where it left off. I don't usually use Mozilla, though. I use K-Meleon, which is based on the Gecko engine (which Mozilla also uses).

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