How to restore from an incremental backup?

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    Feb 20, 2006
    I removed 2012 (paid) version the other day and installed the free 2014 compact version. Namely because there was supposedly a specific x64 version, thinking it might be faster. I can't say that it is nor can I say the 2012 paid version wasn't x64, because I didn't bother to look to see if it was in x86 or Program files. Anyway, I don't believe the installation of 2014 has anything to do with my issue.
    I never even tried incremental backups in 2012. When I try to restore I get an error (It just states "An error has occurred") every time I try to restore. Then I have to force a shutdown. Normal, full image restores work fine.
    So in choosing an archive to restore from, if the incremental archive #123... of 50 mgs is listed and archive #123... of 17 gbs (the full compacted image), which do I choose? I've been choosing the incremental and all seems normal until the PC boots. Thank you!
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