How to block spywares?

Discussion in 'privacy problems' started by KERANO, Mar 2, 2005.

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    KERANO Guest

    Just got a PC on repair and its infected with several spywres.
    I have installed Kaspersky AV, MS Antispyware, Spyware BLasted and customer just used Firefox not IE.

    They are in again....[/B[ what did I miss? I updates Windows and all softwares... do they come trought Firefox now?

  2. hollywoodpc

    hollywoodpc Registered Member

    Feb 14, 2005
    Firefox will get hit a lot more over time . IE may be weak but , even if it were tighter , people would hack it . Same with firefox . It CAN be compromised . because the least amount of people use it , it is not a target to go after , YET . Expect this to become more frequent .
  3. bigc73542

    bigc73542 Retired Moderator

    Sep 21, 2003
    SW. Oklahoma
    firefox is by no means bullet proof, it gets patched and modifided fairly regular just not as often as IE but it is still vulnerable and can be compromised if safe surfing and good security precautions aren't taken.

  4. Well it is possible that the computer was compromised via firefox, that is still somewhat unlikely. Java is one way if the user just accepts any java applet.

    In all possibility though , the computer was compromised through some other route. Eg email, user error (downloading of trojans, adware) etc.

    This would hold even if the user was using Opera , K-melon or whatever.

    KERANO Guest

    But how to block them finnaly?

    The problem is that customers expect from service place solution for their PC.
    The problem is that we tried SpySweeper, SPywareBlaster, Giant... Kaspersky with Extended database all updates and still they having a problem!

    We recommend them to use Ad-Aware and SpyBot but these two are catching almost nothing after softwares mentioned above.

    I really dont know what to do... Is here any expert that can advise me?
  6. Infinity

    Infinity Registered Member

    May 31, 2004
    have you tried cleaning in safe mode?

    KERANO Guest

    Hello INFINITY,

    I clean them all but customer bring computer in 2-3 weeks full os spywares again...

    Is there any other product that can block spywares... customer is willing to pay but I do not know what else I can sale to him?

    Every vendor say they "successful" handle spywares problems but noonde did that..
  8. Infinity

    Infinity Registered Member

    May 31, 2004
    ok, here is what you do Kerano:

    go to this site and read the sticky (manual)

    then download hijackthis. install it on that guys computer. let it run and post a hjt log on that hjt area. I will clean it as soon as I see it posted there.

    Can you do that?

    but first follow the steps, step by step, otherwise you will get reinfected. Thanx.

  9. spy1

    spy1 Registered Member

    Dec 29, 2002
    Clover, SC
    If the computers' owner/operator is totally brain-dead (IOW, they won't learn or use safe hex), no amount of software in the universe is going to keep his/her computer clean.

    You might consider putting ShadowUser on it after you get it totally clean (assuming that you're getting it totally clean to begin with - it doesn't really sound like it) and then giving it back to the user with ShadowMode running.

    Just tell them to re-boot the computer OUT of ShadowMode every day (to lose whatever they've managed to pick up that day) and then to IMMEDIATELY boot back IN to ShadowMode.

    Personally, I think that this is the only way to go with such users'. Pete
  10. Some other choices that are similar to Shadowsurfer are below.

    Personally I like RestoreIt because it also allows you to store your Images on a cd/dvd and they can be restored at any time, even on a completely new computer/harddrive, just like Norton Ghost.

    This ability of RestoreIt to store the images on a cd/dvd will also protect you against harddrive failure and some newer kind of malware that could disable all of these programs (ShadowSurfer, GoBack, FreezeX) that just store the images on a seperate hidden partition on your harddrive.

    So with RestoreIT you not only have most of the abilities of the other programs, but you also have your images safely stored off your computer on a cd/dvd.

    And this is far cheaper than buying a program like ShadowSurfer, FreezeX or GoBack, and then buying a program to make backup images like Norton Ghost or True Image to store your harddrive images off of your computer incase of harddrive failure, or other possible malware problems like some trojans (or possible unknown newer malware) that could erase your entire harddrive.

    1. FreezeX

    2. RestoreIT

    3. GoBack 4.0
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