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    I am looking for a good, powerful yet simple firewall... Not a security software, not a HIPS, not an AV... A SIMPLE FIREWALL...

    Looking for this, I found look 'n' stop...

    So... what I want is simply be able to have a SPI firewall that allow me to set in and out rules for specific applications...

    But I saw that the apps rules are simply on or off and the other specific rules are not app specific... Can I do thiso_O

    Also, what I would loke is to just block everything, and make specific rules for what I want... Is it possible?? I saw that there is default internet rules that block specific protocols and known vulnerabilities... But what's the point to do blocking rules if the firewall blocks everything that dosen't fit in a rule??

    I also made my post in the french forum, just in case ;)

    Thanks for your help

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    Feb 12, 2007

    You can tie any rule in Internet Filtering ruleset to an executable (or more) from Application Filtering so the rule will be active only when this executable is launched. An example in the screenshot is inbound TCP for my torrent client -


    (not the best of screenshots, but I hope all is clear there)

    Stateful inspection is not selected by default in LnS afaik ("Options" tab, "Advanced options" button). With it enabled, specific blocking rules are not needed.

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