How Do I Reinstall My Windows 7 for My Truecrypt Decoy OS?

Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by Please Help Me, Dec 31, 2012.

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  1. Please Help Me

    Please Help Me Registered Member

    Nov 6, 2012
    I already cloned my original OS and all its contents onto the partition where the Hidden OS now lies and securely deleted the contents of the partition where my original OS lies. In other words, I've finished creating my Hidden OS, but now I must reinstall my Windows 7 OS onto the partition where my original OS use to exist. That way I can I have a decoy OS. The problem is I don't know how to reinstall my original factory-settings Windows 7 for the Decoy OS.

    The only solution I can think of right now is to burn several recovery disk ISO images of my computer's factory setting Windows 7 64-bit. Then I would reinstall the factory settings OS during my computer's preboot screen (by pressing F2 on the Preboot Authentication screen for the Truecrypt Hidden OS. Then a screen will pop out saying that there is no OS to boot on the partition where my OS use to exist. This is where I must reinstall Windows 7 for the Decoy OS). That way I can have my decoy OS installed onto the partition where my original OS use to exist. Does that make sense or is there a better way for me to reinstall my Windows 7 for the Truecrypt Decoy OS?

    After I reinstall my factory-settings OS on the original Windows 7 OS's partition, I must encrypt it with the same encryption algorithms as the Hidden OS in order to complete the creation of the Decoy OS. Thus completing the Hidden OS procedure. Am I correct for everything I have written so far? Please correct any mistakes I may have made.

    Help is greatly appreciated and have a happy new years!
  2. PaulyDefran

    PaulyDefran Registered Member

    Dec 1, 2011
    I'm a little unsure of the "Factory OS Settings" terminology, but here goes:

    Your C:\ Partition has been wiped. So just boot from the Win 7 CD or USB Key, and install like any normal install. You shouldn't attempt to use anything from the previous (now cloned Hidden OS) install, as it could contain sensitive info. Just start brand new. After it's up and running (updates, activation, etc...) install TC and finnish the Hidden OS install.

    (Advanced): You *can* forgo installing TC entirely, and have the decoy unencrypted for easy inspection by your friendly border guards if you want. But you will have to put the Rescue CD you made during the Hidden OS install (you *did* make one, right? :D ) on a USB or SD Card and boot from that to get to the Hidden OS (search bob7 on the TC forums). If you need to access the Outer Volume of the Hidden OS, you can use TC Portable off of a USB Drive. No instance of TC on Decoy to be questioned about. There are pros and cons to this method, and it *isn't* supported.

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