How do I install a "fresh install" OS system?

Discussion in 'FirstDefense-ISR Forum' started by Leapfrog Software, Feb 14, 2006.

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    Greetings All,

    During our last FirstDefense-ISR technology session, the question was asked on how to create an empty snaphot. Here is the procedure:

    If you wish to install a "fresh install" of the Windows OS without disrupting your current snapshot use this procedure. It is very important to follow the steps outlined below in the order given:

    1. From within the program, set up your data anchoring if you wish to have your current data files available to this new snapshot (recommended).

    2. From the ‘Tools' pull-down menu, select 'Create Empty Snapshot'. Follow the instructions given in the Wizard (name your new snapshot Original XP Load, or OEM Build, etc.).

    3. At the completion of creating your new (blank) snapshot, right click on the newly created snapshot and select ‘Boot to Snapshot'.

    4. During the re-boot, you will see a message on your screen as follows: "NT Loader Missing." This is normal because there are no operating system files in this newly created snapshot.

    5. Locate your Windows CD and place it in the CD drive. Reboot your system again.

    6. If you see the message, "NT Loader Missing" again, you will need to enter your BIOS program to set the Boot Sequence to boot from your CD drive first.

    7. Windows will ask you if you want to format the NTFS partition. Answer NO.

    8. WARNING: DO NOT FORMAT THE NTFS PARTITION ... Doing so will erase all data from your disk.

    9. Proceed with the "fresh install" of Windows.

    10. Reinstall FirstDefense-ISR to access the user interface and its functions.

    11. At this point, the system is available to download Windows updates, install user applications, and system preferences.

    Although this foregoing process is lengthy, you will find it quite beneficial when you want to refresh Windows to an uncluttered "clean" state. If you have anchored your data in any snapshot, and you boot to this newly created "fresh" install of Windows, all of your anchored data will be available.

    You may wish to have a copy of another operating system, such as Windows 2000 if you're running XP, or vise versa. FirstDefense-ISR supports multiple operating systems, from Windows 2000 and up (it does not support Windows 98, Me, or NT).
Thread Status:
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