How can I kill Adware Iefeats?!

Discussion in 'adware, spyware & hijack cleaning' started by hibou, May 23, 2004.

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  1. hibou

    hibou Registered Member

    May 11, 2004
    Landenberg, PA.
    Dianond TDS 3 gives my lap top the "all clear". Norton Internet Security(NIS) 2004 running on Windows XP Prof.(with all service packs) says that I "Have 3 at risk files - suggest you let us delete them autimatically". the files are:
    dialler.exe Dialler Target Found at risk
    (Hitting delete on the NIS control panel deleted this file, but....)
    SYSUT32.dll Adware Iefeats Found at risk
    SUSUT32.dllnew Adware Iefeats Found at risk.
    Hitting the NIS delete key achieves nothing except that under "STATUS" the at risk caption is replaced by "delete f..." in red script, but nothing is deleted, quarintined or fixed.
    Can I go ahead and search for the two SYSUT32 files and delete them myself, or are they a part of my machine's operating system? Does anyone know why NIS 2004 will not delete them on command?
    I went to the Symantec security website and downloaded the specific instructions for going into the Registry and deleting the key values that the infection has inserted. But I could not find any of the key values quoted in the document. I e-mailed Symantec tech support, which was sympathetic but unhelpful, suggesting in the end that I use the phone virus removal service. As that means paying $39 and spending at least 20 minutes on the phone on "hold" first, and I have only had this $99 product for a couple of months, I am most unimpressed with Symantec's support for a product which is still under manufacturer's warranty.
    I have had to uninstal and reinstal NIS roughly once per week, as it generates an error message about having encountered an internal problem. If I ignore the message then a couple of days later it stops working. Symantec knows about this as there is a Symantec web document titled " Repairing Live Update" which refers to "In some situations, LiveUpdate no longer functions as designed. This may include recurring error messages, inability to download updates, complete failure to run, or other problems".
    Anyone else had these problems and found a fix, please?.
  2. FBJ

    FBJ Spyware Fighter

    Jan 28, 2004
    Hi hibou,

    Could you first please follow instructions here? :

    Before you post your hijackthis log please download and run CWShredder and choose "Fix" rather than just "Scan".

    Once CWShredder has done its job reboot your computer. Run HijackThis, scan and post the log.

    The files you are mentioning are signs of a CoolWebSearch infection.
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