How can I collect virus samples?

Discussion in 'privacy general' started by OHM, Dec 26, 2007.

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  1. OHM

    OHM Guest


    Is this kind of thread, not allowed in WSF?
    I just curious to know...
    How can I collect Virus Samples?

    All the AVs in my country are low class.
    I just want to collect Sample, and help them expand their DB.

    I'm using EAV, and I can guarantee that there are a lot of
    viruses that products from my country can't detect, but EAV can.

    Thanks in advance

  2. ronjor

    ronjor Global Moderator

    Jul 21, 2003
    Hello OHM,

    Just submit to the vendors any detection your antivirus program detects as "new or probably a variant of" or similar wording.

    As far as pointing out sites where malware resides, it is beyond the scope of these forums and runs counter to the Terms Of Service for using these forums.
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